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nEXT WEBINAR: AUGUST 23, 2018 (See below)

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Not sure if your spiritual formation programs are effective? In this webinar, I'll be introducing a new innovative method to listen to your students--in 5-7 minutes--and improve your spiritual formation programs.

Thursday, August 23, 2018
10:00 am Pacific Time
12:00 pm Central Time
1:00 pm Eastern Time

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How to shift your assessment process to focus on strategic listening, based on the principles of human conversation
  • How a brief listening process dramatically increases response rates and the accuracy of your results
  • How to evaluate your programs using the SpiritPulse as a pre and post-assessment tool
  • How to map the SpiritPulse domains onto your core values or spiritual formation model
  • How to use SpiritPulse aggregate results to develop a program roadmap and improve your programs
  • How to customize the process to listen in areas unique to your school
  • How to use the SpiritPulse individual report to facilitate students’ spiritual growth as part of a course or small group
  • Recent trends in students' spiritual development based on national data
  • We'll also cover best use cases for the Spiritual Transformation Inventory vs. SpiritPulse
If your campus is struggling in any of these areas, then this live training is for you.  Click the button below to register now!

Who is This Webinar For?

  • Student development leaders
  • Campus pastors
  • Assessment administrators
  • Institutional researchers
  • Graduate program directors
  • Secondary school administrators
  • Spiritual life coordinators
  • Bible teachers
  • Non-profit and parachurch leaders
You’ll learn about a state-of-the-art assessment that maximizes your spiritual formation programs and helps your students grow.

Important: This is a live training and I'll be available to answer your questions. Make sure you don’t miss it. Click the button below to register now. 

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